High-quality tournament questions

Looking for a way to engage students in building knowledge outside of the classroom? Getting involved in quizbowl can be a great way to motivate students into gaining deep knowledge about a variety of culturally important topics. SAGES quizbowl question sets are founded on the principle of accessibility for younger students and for teams just starting out.

Check out our question sets for elementary school and middle school events or find upcoming elementary and middle school events for your students to attend!

Our writing philosophy: SAGES¬†quizbowl¬†questions are intended to provide a fun and academic learning experience for students who play on them. Some question writing companies rely on gimmicks and vague wording to trick students into giving the wrong answer on a technicality. Our questions are designed to avoid such trickery, using clear unambiguous language to reward students for real, deep knowledge of topics. No matter the length, we also write our questions such that harder and more obscure clues come before the easier and more well-known clues. To earn points for their team, students should not have to rely on winning a ‘buzzer race’ – knowing more than your opponents is the goal of the game after all, not testing reflexes!

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