Sage Advice

Introducing “Sage Advice”

Hello, fellow quizbowl people! Since we’re hosting this website on a platform that is meant for blogging, I thought it might be nice if we actually had some blog posts.

So, this is the introductory post in a series I’d like to call Sage Advice. (Haha, puns are great!) Here, I or a guest writer will post some short pieces of advice for players, coaches, writers and tournament organizers looking for guidance, especially focused on the elementary and middle school quizbowl community. Look for hints, tips and tricks for setting up your quizbowl tournament efficiently, writing your quizbowl questions effectively and fairly, and improving your team as a player or coach.

Whether you call it quiz bowl (two words), scholastic bowl, quizbowl, scholar bowl, academic team, brain bowl, quiz team, or one of the other many names our beloved activity goes by, this is a great place to learn more!

Be on the lookout for more posts coming soon.



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