Our Products

SAGES is dedicated to producing only the highest quality questions. All questions are rigorously fact-checked and reflect the most current knowledge. Sets are available for use everywhere quizbowl is played; we work hard to maintain question security with your cooperation.

Our sets are typically written for use in tossup-only or tossup-bonus style competition formats. We are usually willing to make minor formatting changes (such as renumbering questions; reorganizing packets; labeling categories) that do not require writing new material upon request. Modifications which require us to write other kinds of questions (such as worksheets or lightning rounds), or other custom orders, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In the past, we have written sets in MSHSAA (Missouri), IESA (Illinois), ASCA (Alabama), and AGQBA (Arkansas) formats in addition to the standard national “20/20” format.

You can license active competition sets for use in competitions, or download former years’ sets for free as practice material. Pricing is dependent on your event format and structure, number of questions required, planned field size, and geographic exclusivity.

SAGES Elementary School Sets: Primarily designed for use by students in grades 3 through 6. 

PLATO Middle School Sets: Primarily designed for use by students in grades 7 and 8. 

Free Practice Material Downloads

Former years’ question sets can be found at the hsquizbowl Middle School Packet Archive.

Custom Sets

While we primarily write for the elementary and middle school markets, we are open to creating sets for other purposes (novice/JV tournaments, trivia nights, etc.). Please email sagesquizbowl@gmail.com with details of your event.